Neal Casal: Anytime Tomorrow

“I tend not to worry about airplay, man, that’s never been a concern of mine, probably to a fault, you know. I’ve never really been ambitious in that sense of trying to sell millions of records. I mean, it would sure be nice but I’ve always maintained that I make records weather people are listening or not. […] Cause I don’t really make them for anyone else, I suppose, I’m a little selfish about it, you know. […] I make them for me, I make them for my friends and people around me who understand the music that I’m making. I used to have a joke with a couple of friends that we just wanted to make a record so we’d have something to listen as we drove around in our car, you know.”
(Neal Casal in „Anytime Tomorrow, The Documentary“, 1999)

3 Gedanken zu „Neal Casal: Anytime Tomorrow

  1. Zu welch einer „facebookgeschädigten“ Generation ich doch schon gehöre: Da wollte ich jetzt schon auf „Gefällt mir“ klicken… Auf jeden Fall die absolut richtige Einstellung!

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