Über schrottreife Klaviere

„[…] die Welt ist wie ein verstimmtes, eigentlich schrottreifes Klavier. Wenn man da Beethoven-Sonaten spielen will oder irgendwas, was es schon gibt, dann kann das nur schiefgehen. Wenn man aber gar nichts will, sondern herausfindet, welche Töne noch brauchbar sind, dann kann man auch auf einem Schrottklavier Musik machen. man muss nur improvisieren.“

Dietrich Brüggemann: „Materialermüdung“ (2022), S. 22

Über gute und schlechte Werte

„Good values are 1) reality-based, 2) socially constructive, 3) immediate and controllable. Bad values are 1) superstitious, 2) socially deconstructive, 3) not immediate or controllable.


Some example of good, healthy values: honesty, innovation, vulnerability, standing up for oneself, standing up for others, self-respect, curiosity, charity, humility, creativity.

Some examples of bad values: dominance through manipulation or violence, indiscriminate fucking, feeling good all the time, always being the center of attention, not being alone, being liked by everybody, being rich for the sake of being rich, sacrificing small animals to the pagan gods.”

Mark Manson: „The subtle art of not giving a fuck“ (2016), S. 86

Video: „Jerry Lee Lewis will never be understood“ – Kenny Vaughan

„I’ve always said, for many years, that George Jones was the best country singer but Jerry Lee Lewis is my favorite county singer and that’s just the truth of the matter. […] He’s some kind of freaky genius, man, I mean, [when recording] he’s cutting everything live, his vocal and piano are going down live and he’s not going to fix anything, he’s not gonna play it again. […] People don’t understand the magnitude of the talent that guy has. He does things with music that nobody ever did, he owns it. […] There’s nobody alike him, he’s the king and he will never be understood by 99.9 % of all music people on this earth, people, they just don’t get it.“ Kenny Vaughan

Video: „Album of the Year Acceptance Speech (2022)“ – Jon Batiste

„I believe this to my core: There is no best musician, best artist, best dancer, best actor. the creative arts are subjective and they reach people at a point when they need it most. […] I just put my head down and I work on the craft everyday. I love music, I’ve been playing since I was a little boy, it’s more than entertainment for me, it’s a spiritual practice. […]“